Well, the time has come to write some words for you guys, those who don’t understand my first language! I’m really sorry that I can’t promise to translate the articles more often! It’s quite hard to feel comfortable with a language besides my mother tongue, for I mostly feel like I can’t find the words to express myself … After all, you have to know that I’m really, really happy to see that you show so much interest in my work, about your follows, your comments, the communication and the inspiring blogs I found through this journey! Blogging connects in a different way and the passion for photography, art or just talking about something give us the reason to write articles, share our own little place in this huge world. I really enjoy having this possibility!

By the way, I hope that I can show you soon some of the results of my last ongoing project that I share with my sister. Some time ago I told you a bit about that, but it’s not official yet. For now, we defined one subject, approached from two different sides, from a painter’s perspective and a self-taught photographer’s one.

The image below is another story … Double exposure and film photography with the Nikon F3. Gosh, I love that camera!


© anette siegelwachs, 2014

Click for lager image


15 Kommentare zu „Thanks

  1. Anette, I feel the same. I try to write in both languages at my blog – English and German. Because I also have some English speaking followers. But it is always a bit difficult to choose which text I write in which language.
    All the best to you.

    1. Yes, it is. Of course, writing in two languages would be perfect, but it’s hard to find the time. Anyway, trying is the best we can do ;)

  2. it’s a long time I do not take double exposures…maybe I’ll give a try after having read your post which communicates enthusiasm …
    PS: I’m afraid the only camera I have which allows double exposures is the Holga…

    1. I’ve never used a Holga, but some people are really happy about having one! For sure it’s a lot of fun if you like this kind of handling. I think it can be a great camera for experiments.

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