The Beach





fotografien © anette siegelwachs

4 Kommentare zu „The Beach

    1. Thank you so much, Richard :) It’s quite strange to see everything closed. The place is full of holiday houses without visitors. But I really love and enjoy the silence here, being with my husband, friends and the dog.

  1. Interesting, Anette! The photos are great, the light is gorgeous, but the scene is somewhat thought provoking; do I like it or not? Ah, it’s Andalusien. Empty, without all the sun worshippers. Of yours you enjoy being there on your own, with your beloved ones. The silence, the emptiness is a healing contrast to the busy season. I can smell it right here! :-)
    Happy dog walking on the sunny beaches!
    Love, Dina

    1. Thank you, Dina! Indeed, staying here in summer must be completely different! When you live in a city like Berlin, what Andalusia has to offer is simply a paradise, especially during this time of the year :)
      Love, Anette

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